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Structural Engineer I (full time) – Delta Groups Engineering Inc., 2362 McGaw, Irvine, CA 92614. 

Perform site walks with clients to field survey existing structures that are candidates for PCS/cell or microwave antenna and equipment installations. This includes existing monopoles, lattice towers, chimneys, building parapets, walls, roofs, floors, and billboards. Obtain all necessary dimensions and member information in the field or verify with existing as-built drawings. Perform structural analysis on existing members and foundations to evaluate current loading condition and proposed loading condition, compare member axial, flexural and shear stresses to allowable stress levels to determine existing structures capacity to carry additional loads anticipated with PCS/cell or microwave equipment installation. Incorporate initial structural analysis results into report to client indicating the acceptability of each site prior to proceeding with site acquisition and completion of the design process. Review and provide input to site design drawings to accurately depict site installation details for the clients use in obtaining necessary building permits. Requires Bachelor’s degree in civil or structural engineering or closely related field and 12 months of work experience as Design Engineer, Project Engineer, Intern Engineer or closely related. Familiarity with building codes and structural analysis/design programs including RISA, ENERCALC and Revit, and Hilti Profis; Working knowledge of drawing detailing, field investigations, steel and concrete design; Experiences with DSA and OSHPD projects. Must have passed NCEES FE Civil Exam.

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